About The Performers

Matty B

Matt has had an illustrious musical career dating back to his early twenties, when he hit the Winnipeg scene as a talented indie rock musician and songwriter. He is a multi-instrumentalist with both pop and jazz roots that subtly pepper his piano playing style, adding another unique dimension to the Killer Keys shows.

With hundreds of original compositions under his belt, Matt has been the driver and face of several original bands, including household names such as Leaderhouse, Volume and Vanderveen. These projects saw him craft countless incredible pop-rock songs that have captivated many fans over the years. He’s also had great success with the dance-party duo “The Black Out City Kids”, which has inspired many of the multi-song medleys you hear in the Killer Keys shows.

One of Matt’s biggest success stories was when he was commissioned to write the soundtrack for the underground horror movie “Wrong Turn 4”. The title song “Wrong Turn” has racked up hundreds of thousands of plays worldwide to-date and continues to be one of his most-requested original tunes.

Besides music, Matt is a bonafide YouTuber, gaining an impressive following via his channel @PianoMattyB, a morning cryptocurrency technical analysis show with a musical twist. His dedication to this channel and the study of digital finance is a testament to his vast intellect, consummate drive and work ethic; not to mention the keen production skills and creativity he bolsters as a singularly-run operation. And, it’s through the success of this medium that the Killer Keys have gained a loyal ‘boutique online community’ that is ever-present on the weekend livestreams.

Possibly Matt’s finest personal achievement is being a father. His young son, Duke, proving to be equally as talented as his dad and whom at a mere single-digit age has become quite the singer/piano player in his own right; playing many complex Billy Joel, Beatles and Elton John songs, as the list continues to develop. Duke was also featured on his dad's niche children's album, The Pianimals: All The Bubbles In The World, yet another proud achievement. Duke will undoubtedly follow in his dad’s footsteps – destined to also have a long and rewarding professional music career.

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Kyle Mac

Kyle, a talented pianist and a key member of the Killer Keys, has had a lifelong passion for music. He embarked on his musical journey at the age of 4, delving into the world of classical piano, a genre he continues to hold dear to his heart.

Kyle's professional career as a singer-pianist blossomed at Alley Catz piano bar during the early 2000s, where he showcased his musical prowess for an impressive 5-year tenure. It was during this time that he crossed paths with Matt, the other half of the dynamic Killer Keys duo, who happened to be a bartender at the same establishment. This chance encounter marked the beginning of a harmonious partnership that has since captivated audiences.

Although he loves a wide variety of music, Kyle counts Elton John and (the classical composer) Chopin as his primary influences, drawing inspiration from their distinctive styles and compositions. This diverse range of musical tastes undoubtedly contributes to the rich and eclectic repertoire he brings to the stage at the 1928 lounge every Friday and Saturday night.

Beyond the world of piano, Kyle's life takes on an equally dynamic dimension. His professional pursuits extend into the realm of fashion e-commerce and graphic design, demonstrating his versatility and artistic spirit. In his spare time, he finds joy in learning challenging classical pieces, staying active, engaging in activities such as working out, running and tennis, a testament to his dedication to a well-rounded lifestyle.

With his impressive musical background, diverse interests, and collaborative spirit, Kyle remains an integral part of the Killer Keys and a captivating performer at the 1928 lounge, where he continues to delight audiences with his exceptional piano skills and charismatic presence.

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